Juve are physically & mentally tired


Juventus suffered a shock 2-1 defeat away at Udinese on Thursday evening and coach Maurizio Sarri believes fatigue and the ‘unusual conditions’ were the contributing factors.

Despite failing to register a win for the fourth time in five games since the Serie A restart, Sari’s men are still on course to clinch their ninth successive league title and would have sealed the deal with a victory over Udinese at Dacia Arena.

Title contenders, Inter Milan and Lazio are also on a poor run of form with Atalanta jumping up to second place on the log standings after winning four of their last six games and drawing the other two.

“This season is difficult, all the teams are playing in conditions different to the usual ones and everyone is tired,” said Sarri, whose side are at the summit of the table with 80 points in 35 games, followed by Atalanta on 74 and Inter on 73, all with three games remaining.

“It’s complicated to stay mentally and physically on the ball for 90 minutes. The games are strange and the momentum changes very easily. The mental fatigue is more than the physical fatigue,” – Sarri. Picture: Udinese/Twitter. 

“We’ve had 12 penalties given against us which is unusual for the big teams. But there have been more penalties generally, we’re at an all-time record,” added Sarri.

Reflecting on his team’s performances against Udinese, Sarri said, “We lost order, even after the draw, because we wanted to win at all costs. In this way, we took the game to a dangerous level, and after the 90th minute, we lost it.

“In this period we are physically and mentally tired, and it is a problem common to all. For this reason, being aggressive is something more tiring and, therefore, now what matters most is order, because the inertia of a game changes very easily. It is difficult to keep it throughout the match and sometimes, like yesterday, we lose it,” he said.

The Italian giants have already conceded their highest number of goals in 10 seasons.

“At the moment I am not thinking about the Champions League, in my mind, there is only Sampdoria and Sunday’s match: we have to be “on the ball”, and then we’ll think about the Cup,” concluded the Juve coach.

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By Tokelo Martin Mokhesi 

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