Shange excited by responsibility to unearth talent


KwaZulu Natal Football Academy U19 coach Mduduzi Shange finds joy in nurturing young players and helping them realise their dreams.

Having worked with different players who have made it to Europe, the coach is still determined to bring the best out of upcoming players.

He told FARPost that it intrigues him to go out looking for raw talent as part of his work.

“It’s a very exciting process to go outside and scout players, but it’s not difficult at some areas you can see the way they play football, we try and correct some of the things,” he said.

“For me it’s very exciting to go out and look for the players, especially South African players, we’ve got our own way of playing as South African players.

“It’s very important to go and scout and identify football talent, ” said Shange.

Having to deal with players from different backgrounds, who have been raised within diverse doctrines sometimes can be a challenge, the coach has had his fair share of experience.

“At some point it’s a very difficult thing when you have a player coming from KwaMashu and a player that is coming from the far north of KwaZulu Natal.

“Maybe at Mkhanyakude, to bring them together and try to teach them and develop them.

“At the same time the outside life, where they stay you have to control, because you can see there are rural tendencies and township mindsets. But it’s very exciting when you teach these players even the life skills,” added Shange.

With logistical arrangements still a challenge most players have to attend training from their respective homes and that also plays a huge role in molding them to become professional players one day.

“Others stay with us and others come and leave, we don’t have enough accommodation,  it’s just to help those who stay far away.

“For us as the academy we don’t have accommodation so they come here and train  and then they go home, from all these different age groups from U11 to U19.

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By Wonga Sirayi

FARPost’s KZN Reporter

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