Stellies hopes to host Cape derby against CT-City at Danie Craven Stadium


Stellenbosch FC are hoping to have their first Cape derby against rivals Cape Town City on the 4th April 2020 at Danie Craven Stadium.

Premier Soccer League (PSL) have scheduled the match at Cape Town Stadium after the previous one Idas Valley Stadium did not meet the League stringent regulations.

Stellenbosch won the National First Division (renamed GladAfrica Championship) last season while using Idas Valley Stadium as their home ground. However the PSL refused to allow any top-flight games there‚ calling facilities inadequate.

The club have been playing its home games at Cape Town and Athlone Stadium respectively.

Danie Craven Stadium.

“At the moment everyone including Stellenbosch FC and the University of Stellebosch is working very hard behind the scenes to make sure that by the 4th April we will have a Cape derby in Stellenbosch,” said club’s Media Officer Courtney Williams.

“As it stands it looks as if everything is on course, we having talks with the university and upgrades will happen at Danie Craven Stadium.”

“At the moment the Varsity Cup is using the capacity of 15-16 000 people but by the time the upgrades finish, we will be looking to have 15-20 000 people.

The upgrades will start soon and once that happens the PSL can clear it then we have Cape derby at home.”

By Ayanda Frances Felem

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