Taking the knee will not bring change – Ferdinand


Queens Park Rangers director of football Les Ferdinand says the message behind ‘taking a knee’ has been lost.

This comes after QPR and Coventry City players were criticised for not making the gesture in support of the Black Lives Matter movement before their Championship match at the weekend.

QPR say they agreed with Coventry and match referee Steve Martin not to take a knee ahead of their match which was also televised.

“We have noted with great interest a number of people within football and media questioning our decision not to take the knee before the game,” Ferdinand said in a statement on the club website.

“The decision – which was made jointly with Coventry City and the match referee ahead of the fixture – was not made to suggest a lack of support for the Black Lives Matter movement.”

“Taking the knee was very powerful but we feel that impact has now been diluted. In the same way ‘Clap For Carers’ was very emotional for us all, it got to a stage where it had run its natural course and the decision was rightly made to stop it,” he said.

“No one is more passionate than me about this topic. I have spoken on the matter throughout my footballing life. I work for one of the most diverse football clubs in this country. A lot of people are being fooled out there.

“The taking of the knee has reached a point of ‘good PR’ but little more than that. The message has been lost. It is now not dissimilar to a fancy hashtag or a nice pin badge. Taking the knee will not bring about change in the game – actions will.” added Ferdinand.

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By Ofhani Munyai

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