Teams confirm last 16 places at Dondol


The last 32 round of the annual Dondol community games was wrapped up on Friday, 25 December.

The 2020 edition commenced on Tuesday, 22 with four matches a day at the City Ramblers Grounds in Burgerreght outside of Senwabarwana, Limpopo.


Mashamaite Hunters (2)1-1(4) Mighty Killers FC

Mathula FC (3)1-1(2) Mphakathi FC

Motlana Happy Fighters 0-3 Kibi Trio Stars

Emmanuel FC x-x (Walk Over) 90 Minutes FC

Mabetha Brazil FC (4)1-1(5) Graceland Academy

Sporokae One FC 1-0 Witten Tigers FC

Dalmyn Young Chiefs FC 2-1 Mathaithai FC

City Ramblers FC (3)2-2(2) Lebash FC

London Community FC (4)3-2(3) Real Stars Development FC

Dipitsi FC 2-0 Samora FC

Makgato Aces FC 6-0 Mohodi Millan FC

Pax United FC (Walk Over) x-x Makgato Celtic FC

Thorp Mighty Killers FC 0-2 Makgato Sundowns FC

BSG FC (3)0-0(4) MFD Academy

Big 15 FC 2-0 Makgato Chiefs FC

Maloloane FC 2-3 Sporting FC

The Last 16 round of fixtures will start on Saturday, 26 December at Ga-Makgato village.

Full fixtures: 26 December

Mathula v Kibi Trio Stars
London Community v Pax United
90 minutes v Mighty Killers
Dipitsi v Makgato Aces

27 December

Graceland Academy v Big 15
Sporting v Sporo Kae One
MFD Academy v Dalmyn Young Chiefs
City Ramblers v Makgato Sundowns

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By Ofhani Munyai

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