Tebogo Moloi: I was taught to play for Pirates


Wearing the Orlando Pirates jersey back in the 1980s was all about serving the club with distinction and integrity as well as building a long-lasting legacy that will shape the club’s future and continue to inspire the next generation of stars.

That is according to Orlando Pirates legend and former assistant coach Teboho Moloi who has revealed he joined the Soweto giants back then to serve and make history as per his father’s vision.

“I was taught to play for Pirates, I will be honest with you, during school holidays in 1985 to 86 I used to train with Jomo Cosmos and there’s a picture of the 1973 team that swept all the trophies at Pirates and in that picture I am their mascot but I am not in between my father’s legs, taking the pictures with the whole team, I am in between Jomo Sono’s legs, I love that man,” said Moloi in an interview with FARPost.

“Pirates gave me what no other team could give me,” – Moloi. Picture – Twitter: RealTebogoMoloi.

“Playing for Pirates for me was like representing the country each and every day because the Pirates jersey is heavy. It is a jersey that you wear each and everyday where else the Bafana Bafana jersey you wear it only for six days and then the pressure is off your shoulders but with the Pirates jersey the pressure will always be there for each and every day of your life until you retire.

“When I went to Pirates [from Cosmos] I was taught that when you join Pirates you are going to serve, you are going to work, you are going to try and change things for the better because in Rockville, Soweto, the Kaizer Chiefs juniors used to train at Elkah Stadium and we would admire them.

“They were one the of the best developments teams at the time, they were given tracksuits, training kit, soccer boots, you name them, it was a fully organised development team, so everyone aspired to play for a team that gave you everything.

“But my dad taught me something to say that the day things change for Pirates you need to make sure that you are part of that history, you need to make sure you contributed something to change the history of the team, my dad had that vision that things will change for Pirates,” added Moloi.

The former Bafana midfielder went on to state that joining the ‘Sea Robbers’ was not all about money. “If my father wanted money out of my talent, he could have taken me to any other team where he would have gotten a fat signing on fee for me, where I would have gotten an exorbitant salary.

“But my salary at Pirates when I joined them it was R400 and a couple of rands and my friend at Chiefs [Doctor Khumalo] was earning big money, you must understand Chiefs were winning trophies so there were bonuses but you remember what you were taught, so when I went to Pirates I went to serve, that is why till today I never received any signing on fee from Pirates,” he said.

“Irvin Khoza is happy that we have given our time, served the team and the next generation can always be thankful that players like ourselves that went through a lot of hardship, difficult periods for Pirates to be what it today, so when I joined the team I wouldn’t say I joined because I wanted to, I joined because I was sent to go serve,” concluded Moloi.

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By Tokelo Martin Mokhesi 

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