Tevez: Footballers can live six months, a year without getting paid


Footballers earn millions and can surely arrive months or even a year without getting paid. That’s according to former Manchester United striker Carlos Tevez, who has appealed his fellow professional stars to lend a hand to those who are less fortunate battle the deadly coronavirus.

It is not a secret that footballers who play for big clubs across the globe earn millions and Tevez, who also played for Manchester City, West Ham, as well as Juventus, said top footballers have enough money to see survive tough times.

“Footballers can live six months, a year [without getting paid],” said Tevez in an interview with Argentina’s America TV on Thursday.

“They are not in a desperate state with kids’ day after day, having to leave their homes at six in the morning and returning at seven at night in order to feed the family. We have to be there and to help,” added the Boca Juniors hitman and captain.

The Argentine footballer went on to say that it is important for everyone to be united and to try and help the people who most need it during the coronavirus pandemic.

Argentina like many other countries including South Africa is currently in lockdown. “We have to be thankful that we are safe and sound. And to put ourselves in the place of others,” he said.

“This virus is a disaster. I hope the world shows more solidarity. We are realising that we are all equal. It hits us all the same way, grandparents, even more, whether they are in Argentina or the United States.

“I hope that we grow as a society and that tomorrow the world changes for the better. The virus teaches us that. I hope we all come out of this together.”

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