‘The future of football in Namibia looks promising’ 


The Uefa-NFA Basic Coaching Course, led by Uefa Instructor Hesterine De Reus has concluded at the Namibia Football Association (NFA), concluded at the Namibia Football Association (NFA), with all 27 participants awarded with certificates.

De Reus said in order to teach football, one must have a clear understanding and knowledge of what football is, adding that theory alone is not enough thus the workshop consisted mostly of practicals, giving the participants an opportunity to apply what they learned through online classes that were conducted earlier this year.

“The Coaches picked up the information well and impressively applied theory to realistic situations on the pitch. They showed commitment throughout the workshop and worked as a team, which looks very promising for the future of football in Namibia,” she said.

De Reus went on to say that the quality of a coach is crucial in the development of Sport and reveals she intends on returning with more development programs.

Immanuel Hamutenya of RightWay Football club applauded Uefa stating that they have picked up life lessons from the workshop, and will implement them to give a better display of football at the kick-off of the Women Super League (WSL).

Meanwhile, V-Power Angels’ Diina Shituula explained that growing and developing women football in Namibia is attainable through collective teamwork and common understanding between Coaches and players, while Lydiana Nanamus of Tura Magic Football Club says the workshop taught her that a well-prepared coach contributes massively towards the player’s performance and that reading a game and clearly narrating to the players what is expected of them is crucial.

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