The pillars of the new CAF women’s football strategy


The Confederation of African Football (CAF) have outlined their new women’s football strategy which aims to ensure that girls and women will have the opportunity to play or work in the game and have role models to look up to through football.

CAF states that women’s football is a unique sport, one that is full of passion, full of empowerment and leadership skills. It was and always will be a source of inspiration and this strategy focuses on building women’s football foundations.

The pillars of the CAF new strategy focus on development, competition, marketing and promotion, professionalization, and leadership as well as social impact to build women’s football foundations, creating clear player career pathways and professionalizing women’s football.

“This strategy serves as a roadmap to guide CAF’s stakeholders on important focus areas between 2020-2023 in terms of women football development,” – CAF. Picture: CAF_AWCON (Twitter). 

The first pillar is development which consists of: Accelerating the growth of the women’s game at all levels. Providing increases and improved training opportunities and ensuring sustainable growth across all areas.

CAF’s development includes but not limited to: engaging with schools to participate in regular competitions, facilitating certified coaching education for women and organizing regular female refereeing education.

Second pillar: Professionalization and leadership. The video below shows a summary of the objectives and actions.

The social impact pillar CAF’s is all about using the power of football to make a positive social impact for girls and women around Africa by partnering with international oraganisations and NGOs at grassroot level to educate the girls.

Promoting the image of football through ambassadors to encourage participation.

To achieve their objective, CAF’s actions will include: Identification of a team of ambassadors to raise the profile of the women’s game.

Incorporating social messaging and educational elements into grassroots development programmes. Building strategic partnerships with international or organisations and NGOs to highlight the positive impact of football on girls and women.

While the CAF’s competition pillar objectives are to deliver an upgrade in the standards of women’s football competition in Africa.  CAF’s slogan: ‘Its Time Its Now’.


CAF’s fifth pillar, marketing, and promotion, its objective is to create dedicated commercial and communication strategies to leverage and market the new brands.

Develop and implement a brand strategy that clearly distinguishes women’s football. Building and growing dedicated digital platforms to promote the women’s game.

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By Tokelo Martin Mokhesi 

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