The secret clauses hidden in the Super League contract leaked


We all know that the failed European Super League revolved around eye-watering amounts of money, but the full extent of the riches on offer have come to light, and it’s wild.

American firm JP Morgan had agreed to finance the Super League to the tune of between £3bn and £4bn, with clubs involved all hopeful of tripling the amount of money they could get from UEFA’s Champions League.

Well, Der Speigel have managed to get their hands on the Super League contract. If you thought the whole thing was unfair already, well then get ready for this.

As a reward for joining the league, every club was expected to earn anywhere between £80m and £300m, but it was specifically written into the contract that Real Madrid and Barcelona would be handed an extra £52m… just because.

Can you see why those two clubs are so desperate for it all to go ahead?

The clubs would also have the chance to rake in even more money as they were given the right to broadcast a handful of matches over their own club networks, the prices of which would probably have risen to £1bn-a-month anyway.

Everyone apart from Real president Florentino Perez, who was also chairman of the Super League, seems pretty confident that the whole concept is dead in the water after nearly all of the big teams chose to walk away.

Perez, however, has always insisted that those keen to jump ship had signed a binding contract, and that may have to do with a £130m withdrawal fee being written into the contract.

There are also some comically bad parts of this contract. There’s a section which discusses the founding members of the Super League, and PSG, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund are all included… despite none of them wanting anything to do with the whole thing.

Dortmund were even part of the group set to earn less money than the rest, alongside AC Milan, Inter and Atletico Madrid. Nice of Perez to decide that without even discussing it with them.

It’s been an absolute shambles from start to finish, but with the eye-watering sums of money on offer, you can see why Real are working so hard to keep this thing alive.

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