Totti helps wake up woman from a coma


During his legendary career, Francesco Totti often performed miracles on the pitch. Now, it seems that the Roma icon has taken to performing them off the pitch as well.

Back in December last year, Lazio player Ilenia Matilli and a 20-year-old woman, Martina Oro were involved a car accident in the outskirts of the Italian capital. Martina – who was driving the car – was pronounced dead at the scene, while Ilenia has been in a coma ever since.

As reported by Corriere dello Sport (via La Repubblica) recently, her parents tried all manner of techniques to stimulate her, including making her listen to the rousing Rome anthem.

Then, with the help of coach Carlo Cancellieri and the Argos Police Forces Association, they got Totti to record a message which they then played to Ilenia. Despite playing for Lazio, she is a die hard Roma fan and of course, is mad about the club’s greatest ever player.

Totti’s message was as follows: “Ilenia don’t give up, you’ll do it, we’re all with you.”

Here comes the unbelievable part…

Soon after listening to the recording Ilenia woke up from her nine month coma!

The story doesn’t end there either. Ilenia’s parents are now trying to broker a meeting between the pair. “Dear Francesco, what are we waiting for? We look forward to seeing you, Ilenia is waiting for you,” they said.

“Your fantastic voice, combined with the passion, the love that Ilenia has always had for Roma, have favored her awakening, the return of her so contagious smile that you cannot do without, to his eyes full of light and joy.”

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