TRENDING: Tignyemb responds to shocking video


Former Bloemfontein Celtic and Chippa United goalkeeper Patrick Tignyemb has responded exclusively to FARPost regarding a video that has broken the internet.

In the video, the clubless Cameroonian can be seen celebrating with his kids, who count to the number 55, which is on top of the cake and supposedly representing his number of years on earth.

FARPost, like many others, was shocked.

Official records show Tignyemb was born on 14 June 1985, which makes him 35.

So why 55 in the video? “It was just a joke my brother… next time I’ll put 60,” Tignyemb responds.

Tignyemb proceeded to send FARPost his birth certificate where his date of birth is just under the words Birth Cerfificate written in capital letters. “It’s written in French and further down you can see my father was born in 1955,” he explained.

There you have it and judging by the response, it was a bad joke, with FARPost followers insisting the man is 55.

By Tiyani wa ka Mabasa

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