Twists and turns around Dabeka debacle


There has been shocking revelations about the matter of players ill-treated at Dabeka Sporting FC.

It has come to FARPost‘s knowledge that certain senior players have been bullying junior players and staff hence the uncertainty at the club.

One player who spoke to FARPost on condition of anonymity revealed to this publication that players were not paid their allowances and bonuses for winning matches.

“They are refusing to pay our monies and they told us in our faces that they will not give us our clearances,” he said.

“Unfortunately we did not sign any contracts regarding our allowances but they have been paying us well, until recently. There are certain players who are close with the chairman, they are ruining everything in the team.

“They are untouchable in the team, it’s Nkanyiso Mlotshwa and Momo. They do as they please since they are friends with the chairman.

“We spoke to the team manager, Mr Skhithy Cele but he also can’t do everything because he reports to the chairman (Thabane Khoza),” said the player.

The team’s general manager tried to play tricks about the interview we did with Tshidiso Mosese, saying it was not exactly the player whom we did an interview with.

He also claimed that the two players in question have been with the team for more than 10 years, therefore they have a right to speak to the chairman.

He blatantly denied refusing to give players their clearances, though more players have come forward to talk about their troubles in the team.

“There has not even been one player who came to me to request their clearance, I need proof that someone came to me to get their clearance.

“We never paid bonuses to any players and players are not getting salaries, you can put it in another way but they are not getting salaries from the team, hence they don’t even have payslips.

“I spoke to Tshidiso yesterday and he told me that somebody is sabotaging him, he denied doing an interview with you.”

It’s clear the team management are playing games because another journalist who spoke to the chairman (Thabane Khoza) also has some recordings of players telling him about their problems at the team.

The players are even contemplating contacting the players union, but since they are not professional players they may not get the attention they need.

After FARPost posted the story, other players from a certain team in the the ABC Motsepe KwaZulu Natal League have revealed  that they also encountered similar problems and the team has subsequently been relegated.

By Wonga Sirayi

FARPost’s KZN Reporter

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