Ubuntu Football voice support for Blacks Lives Matter movement


Ubuntu Football, a non-profit academy based in Cape Town with a mission to mentor and educate the next generation of great African leaders, have demonstrated their support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

The term Ubuntu, means togetherness, peace, love, describing that what I am is intrinsically linked to what we are.

“As we have started to reopen the Ubuntu Football school  and residence following the lockdown, we wanted to address and voice our support for the #BlackLivesMatter and Anti-Racist movements both in South Africa and the United States,” reads the Ubuntu Football statement.

“We are deeply saddened and angered by the murder of Collins Khosa, Petrus Miggels, Sibusiso Amos, Adane Emmanuel, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others. We hope that justice is brought against their murders and that policies are put in place to prevent this from occurring in the future.”

Ubuntu Football have a team competing in the third division, Western Cape ABC Motsepe League called Ubuntu Cape Town FC.

“Our school, academy and residence are filled with beautiful, smart, and talented young black and coloured South African boys and young men. Their lives matter. When they walk the streets of South Africa, we want their lives to matter.

“If they to the US to take advantage of an opportunity to study, we want their lives to mater. Ubuntu Football will work to make sure their lives and the lives of their peers always matter.”

Ubuntu Football is more than just a football academy, they do not only provide ‘elite’ soccer training but also education through their independent school, mentorship, and leadership training.

“It would be amazing if one of our players became the next great soccer star, but our real hope is that through our mentorship and education, they will become great fathers, community leaders, and role models.”

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By Tokelo Martin Mokhesi 

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