Vum bemoans players’ negative attitude


Spears of the Nation general manager Thobile Vum has revealed that the club would’ve won the provincial playoffs, if it was not for some players in the team.

Spears succumbed at the last hurdle against BCM Stars, as they lost 3-1 on aggregate in the two legged deciding final.

Vum told FARPost that taking the whole team to their first leg encounter which was played in East London negatively affected the team spirit.

“Our mistake was to travel with the entire team for our first leg clash. You could see negative attitude from the players who were not playing.”

“They had the belief that they could’ve done better if they were given an opportunity to play ahead of their teammates who were on the field.

“Normally when we travel with maybe 20 players, we don’t come across those challenges,” said Vum.

He further revealed that after the disappointment of losing in the final the management and the technical team sat down to identify causes of failure to qualify for playoffs, with the view of moving forward.

“We did discuss what has been happening the entire season with the coach and he told us where he thinks he went wrong and also from our side we opened up about our mistakes as the management.

“We are planning to rectify all those mistakes next season and repay the faith shown by our supporters to the team,” he said.

“The coach has promised us that next season he will take the team to the national playoffs, but we don’t want to put pressure on him and demand promotion to NFD at the moment,” continued Vum.

The club has also acknowledged the support from the Alfred Nzo Region.

“It was really bad that when we played BCM Stars at Mount Ayliff, people were crying.

“The supporters were crying, players were crying even the technical team. So we had to comfort everyone, then we promised them that there’ll be a tournament in Mount Ayliff, that’s where we enjoy support.

“We want to meet our supporters, to update them on the progress of the club and what we will be doing going forward,” concluded Vum.

By Wonga Sirayi

FARPost’s KZN Reporter

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