WATCH: What Thobejane gets up to besides football


In football circles he is known to be a charismatic coach most famous for his iconic post-match phrase ‘football can kill you’.

But at Ga-Mphahlele (Limpopo), Kgoloko Thobejane is a family man, a father of four boys and two girls.

FARPost visited the Passion FC head coach at the Malekapane Village this week and the coach took us through some of the things he is passionate about besides football.

“Since the beginning of this Coronavirus I have been at home looking after the family livestock, meaning every morning I go to the kraal to check the goats and the cattle,” he told this publication.

“There after we have some grass to feed them and wait for the time to let them go to the forest (to graze). In April we used to take them around 12:00 but now because it’s winter we take them out around 11:00 so it’s only an hour difference.

“In the afternoon around 4 o’clock or before that time I must go to the forest to check where they are and then come back and prepare water for the livestock and that is what I do basically,” he explains.

Thobejane also adds that he loves spending most of his free time with his grandchildren whom he also teaches how to take care of the livestock.

The former School teacher says besides the fact that he is struggling to get a job in the topflight, he does not intend to go back to teaching and only want to be a football coach.

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By Ofhani Munyai

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