Why the PSL is not ready for VAR yet


The Video Assistant Referee, commonly known as the VAR has become an integral part of the football world in recent years.

Although it’s marred by controversy most of the time, it was introduced to protect referees from making mistakes.

In the African Continent, VAR was first used at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt from the quarter-final stage. Morocco also became the first domestic league to use the technology.

With the PSL becoming arguably the best League in Africa, one would argue the necessity to have the VAR system in place.

During a media briefing at the PSL offices on Wednesday, chairman of the Premier Soccer League (PSL) Dr Irvin Khoza gave some explanations on what has hindered the introduction of VAR.

“When you talk about VAR, there are a few elements, there is VAR, there is VOL, there is GLT (Goal-Line technology),” said Dr Khoza.

“There is a study that has been undertaken in that regard, but that you can do in conjunction with SAFA because they control the referees.

“But we have undertaken the study ourselves as the PSL as to whether to introduce it now but there are constraints, especially on venues that are not controlled by us as the PSL, they are controlled by municipalities,” he said.

“Also the suitability of the venues for that VAR because if you do that it might be for old facilities because the way PSL games are played, you cannot be selective. The cost implications also is a factor, because there is royalty that you pay every year, while the service has been installed already.

“But more importantly is the suitability of the venues, in installing VAR,” he concluded.


By Ofhani Munyai

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