Why Thobejane declined the offer to return to the Baroka top Job


While many Baroka supporters have been calling for his return to the club, coach Kgoloko Thobejane has revealed that he was offered his job back in November last year but said no.

Thobejane was fired by Bakgaga in March 2018 after reports emerged that the charismatic coach was caught drinking in a team bus with players Olaleng Shaku and Oscarine Masuluke who were also dismissed.

The current Passion FC mentor still denies the claims to date.

Thobejane says he received a call from Chairman Khurishi Mphahlele in November last year requesting him to return but explains to FARPost why he turned that offer down.

“It took 2 years for him (Khurishi Mphahlele) to call me (since his departure), do you know why? He asked me do you want the job? He was asking me, the same job” said Thobejane.

“So I told him I don’t need a job because I felt that the approach was wrong. Maybe if the request was that we should meet first and talk, it would have shown me that this man ona le Ubuntu (he cares). You know in my life as Kgoloko Thobejane I am not one person who thinks I will rely on one person to live my life. For me to live as a person it’s up to me, I don’t owe any person and no one owes me in life, even he (Mphahlele) doesn’t owe me,” he said.

The case between Thobejane and Baroka over his dismissal is still with the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) in Polokwane.

Thobejane is demanding a settlement from the club for dismissing him while still contracted.

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By Ofhani Munyai

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