Why you should have the FARPost App…


FARPost has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few months.

We are now on over 10 000 App downloads, which is unprecedented in the SA market, let alone across the African continent.

So why should you have the App?

“Well, it’s a great football platform, to start with,” says Editor and Director, Tiyani wa ka Mabasa.

FARPost, to a large extent, offers better coverage of football. A close friend of Tiyani asked him how’s FARPost going to remain relevant without football being played following the Coronavirus outbreak that has halted football?

Tiyani’s answer was: “The same way we’ve remained relevant during off season. Essentially, there’s always something happening, football related of course, even at a time when there’s no football being played. Having said that, FARPost’s coverage is diverse.”

The FARPost editor is a seasoned qualified journalist with over 15 years of experience as a football writer and added…

“Admittedly, we have a lot of young followers and it’s been key to delve into history and inform them about the history of football, specifically in SA. If you click on the link below, you’ll read all about the history of the PSL (from 1996 – 2020). The one below covers 2014 – 2020, but there are three links at the bottom of this story that will take you from 1996 – 2014.”

PSL HISTORY: 2014 TO 2020

“During a transfer window, we always break news before anyone else. With the notifications phase being finalised, you’ll have news from your favourite club coming directly to your phone. We strive to improve daily, which in turn offers a better football experience for our readers,” concluded Tiyani.

The App is available both for Android users and IOS, on Google PlayStore and App Store respectively.

Here are the links:





Should you experience any problems in the downloading process, you are welcome to contact us on our email which is editor@farpost.co.za for further inquiries and please provide your contact details.

By Tiyani wa ka Mabasa

By FARPost

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