Eymael compares Yanga fans to monkeys


Tanzanian club Young Africans SC have fired Coach Luc Eymael following inappropriate comments on Saturday in which he compared their fans to dogs and monkeys.

Eymael took Young Africans to a second place finish in the Tanzanian Premier League which wrapped up their season this past weekend.

But it was Eymael’s comments after their 1-0 win over Lipuli which resulted in the controversial coach’s contract terminated with immediate effect.

“The fans can be stupid in this country, they can only shout. It’s like Monkeys you know monkeys will make monkey noise, they can only do that. They don’t know anything in soccer,” ranted Eymael to local Journalists.

“Playing on such kind of pitches for the level of 7 or 8 division in Europe is not for me, with fans who are only shouting and are not able to invade to beat one kind of officiating to change the things is not down for me,” continued Eymael.

“You know with officiating is always against us (Yanga) and favouring Simba and not giving us clear penalties and staff like that is not for me. Change rooms like that is not for me. I asked them again to release me, I asked them to say please let me do my last game and let me go. I prefer to go, I am not enjoying your country, you are uneducated people.

“I don’t have a car, what is that? I don’t have wifi. I don’t have the DSTV no no no! Working with these conditions is not for me my man. My wife is not enjoying here, she is disgusted, and me I am disgusted. The only pleasure I have is because the pitch are full (during match days) but these fans don’t know anything about soccer,” he said.

Yanga have since released a statement confirming the departure of Eymael.

“The leadership is saddened by the rude and discriminatory statements made by Coach Luc Eymael in the media,” read the statement.

In addition, Yanga SC, has apologized to the Heads of State, the Tanzania Football Federation “TFF”, Members, Lovers and Fans of Yanga SC for the offensive and insulting statements made by Coach Luc Eymael.

This is not the first time Eymael gets in trouble with the Tanzanian football authorities. In January this year, the Belgian coach, who has temper issues, accused the match officials of being racists.

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By Ofhani Munyai

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