Zidane hits a man’s car in Valdebebas and they end up taking a selfie


Ignacio Fernandez was driving through Valdebebas in his car last Saturday when he suffered a small mishap: as he came onto the roundabout and broke to give way to a vehicle driving by, another car hit him from behind.

The owner of that car was Real Madrid head coach Zinedine Zidane, who was heading towards Los Blancos‘ training facilities.

The story was told in La Voz de Galicia, with Ignacio Fernandez, a manager of a furniture shop, being the one to break the ice after getting out of their respective cars.

“As soon as I saw him, I recognised him and said, ‘I would have liked to have met you in other circumstances, but this one is not bad either,'” he said.

To prevent the situation from dragging on in the presence of some media outlets near Real Madrid‘s training ground, Ignacio Fernandez offered to arrange the insurance papers for Zidane later, though he also asked for a selfie to immortalise the moment.

“I told him that we could have a selfie, because otherwise people wouldn’t believe me if I was hit by Zidane[‘s car],” he added.

“And he very kindly said yes. He took off his hat and we took the photo.”

Some time later, Ignacio Fernandez received a call from Zidane‘s representative.

“The representative said that he was very grateful that Zidane was [heading to] training and was in a hurry, so he thanked him for not entertaining him by asking for signatures, shirts or tickets,” he said.

By Marca

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