I will fight back – Ria Ledwaba


The mayhem at the SAFA Leadership is far from over, this as fired vice-president Ria Ledwaba tells FARPost she is going to fight back.

Ledwaba was dismissed alongside Gay Mokoena during a SAFA NEC meeting which lasted 11 hours at SAFA house, Nasrec on Saturday.

The NEC members are reported to have ‘lost confidence’ in Ledwaba following her letter to Minister of Sports Nathi Mthethwa asking him to intervene at the dwindling association.

“I know for a fact that before I even wrote a letter to the Minister, already there was a call by the NEC that I must be removed,” Ledwaba told this publication in a tell all interview.

“In fact, I was the most insulted vice-president ever since the report of Gay Mokoena, you understand? Now the Gay Mokoena report comes, goes to the President copied to all NEC, the President does not respond to Mokoena to say I acknowledge receipt of your report and the matter will be addressed,” she said.

Ledwaba then wrote a letter to the SAFA President Jordaan dated 27th April 2020 which this publication has seen, asking him to give direction on the ‘Gay Mokoena Report’, which she claims he ignored.

“The report that was written by the acting CEO (Gay Mokoena) which has now become accessible to the public is causing a lot of turmoil within the organization and as such even the vice-presidents are now being attacked and insulted, you have not given any direction to the way this report must be handled. I therefore humbly request you to ask all of us to refrain from discussing and insulting each other in the manner we are doing right now in the emails and WhatsApp,” read the letter.

“But I am not going to be silent, I am going to challenge this decision. They must do things according to the constitution, Danny (Jordaan) cannot be a law unto himself, he can’t! And I told him yesterday. The letter to the Minister is just a scapegoat. The NEC decided long time ago that they want to fire me and Mokoena, that’s the point and that’s the truth and they all know,” added Ledwaba.

“All what I am telling you now I told them straight to their face during the meeting (yesterday). I told them that ‘really 30-something men, you are afraid to look me in my eyes and tell me if you feel I have done something wrong’.

“You know the hurtful thing for me in that meeting was to see women voting that I should be released. That was the most hurtful part. I was very hurt by that, but you know why? Because they are promised to be given the position of the vice-president so I understand. But it was a bit hurtful. And they know what they did to me yesterday was wrong, they know that it was an orchestrated move.”

“In fact to be honest with you SAFA is an abnormal organisation, honestly. It is a completely abnormal organisation and I have told the President (Danny Jordaan), I have had meetings with him and I told him,” she concluded.

Ledwaba tells this publication that she is still seeking advice from her legal team on whether to challenge the decision through the courts or the SAFA processes.

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By Ofhani Munyai

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